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not NEARLY as good as a letter from god but still quite funny. (even though the fairly awful animation. :O) did you realise that you sound a bit like whomestwar wunner? (homestar runner)

the question

All i can say after such a masterpiece is and has to be: when?


"look at my horse, my horse is amazing.
give it a lick. *mmm* it tastes just like raisins!
of stroke of his main he turns him into a plane.
and then it turns into a game when you tug at it's winkie
oh that's dirty! do you think so?
well i better not show you where the lemonade is made
sweet lemonade *mmm* sweet lemonade. sweet lemonade, yeah sweet lemonade.
get on my horse, I'll take you around the universe and all the other places too!
think you'll find that the universe pretty much covers everything!
shut up woman and get on my horse!

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dont judge a book by it's cover...

To be brutally honest my first thought was " well this looks rubbish" when i first saw the menu. but then i pressed the play button. the true ingeniousness of the game hit me after only a few levels. this game is smart. Really, really, REALLY smart. the enemy will ambush you. they will flank you. they will push you out of your hiding so they can pick you off while your on your retreat. but they will also retreat if they consider the situation... bad (i wish i could think of a better adjective :/) It can be pretty fun on later levels watching a enemy's plan come together :)

even though this game doesn't got any music nor any particularly interesting graphics it is one the better flash RTS games I have played.

some issues

this game is incredibly fun fullstop. It's a relentless, fast-paced platformer that's similar to canabalt. however there are some problems hindering this from greatness. for example, here is an excerpt from the author comments

"G-Switch is a simple concept taken to the extreme. The one-button gravity switch mechanic allows for a very fast-paced game with interesting gameplay that is very intense and addictive."

that very description was the first thing that sprang to mind. this game is SUPPOSED to be fast (btw have you noticed that the hero has blue spiky hair? sega!) but near the forth (or fifth) checkpoint everything slows down to a crawl.
it becomes a tedious trial and error.
being stuck on the same spot for a long while in a fast paced game is NOT fun. I mean, would you like to be stuck on the same spot in sonic the hedgehog for a long period of time?

I have no comment on the multiplayer. maybe it's fantastic maybe it's not. I just don't have anyone to play it with!


in the surface its a fun, simple whimsical sort of game (with a fun joke at the end :P) However, i feel it has a deeper meaning. why? because if you play replay after you die it will show how you played last time, over and over again, forever.

What the message IS I'm not at liberty to say. I haven't read enough philosophy to really know.

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hey again!

hello again! I've been poking around your stuff today and this has to be my favourite one so far of your new songs <3 allthough i do feel that the drums are slightly to loud, maybe you could turn them down a bit?

Soundshifter responds:

thanks for listening man. but the drums will stay as they are. they used to be even louder, so i lowered them. any lower and they'll lose their punch.


A excellent song which would go nicely in any of your games!

this could be used for a...

as soon as I heard this song I got a picture in my head of like a knight/peasant walking threw the woods. and the tick-tack noise was the sound of his feet walking. interesting game idea maybe....

Soundshifter responds:

thanks man. it was inspired by video gaming.

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the amount of detail is astounding, in fact, you should make ALL of your drawings available in ULTRA HI-RES so we can see al that work in photoshop!


first of all the characters look excellent. What disturbs me though is the background. It fells like two different people have worked on it! Mabelma who makes the great characters and some random flash novice making the background! maybe a collab wouldn't be a bad idea....

Mabelma responds:

Thanks for your Review, it's greatly appreaciated. I know the background looks really bad but it's because I didn't spend to much time on it and I don't really know how to so backgrounds but I will try to fix it when I can. Also thank you so much for the compliments, the rate and I'm glad you liked it.


I salutes you

Clatform responds:


I'm 12. so what? so you like my icon? It's our logo! Just because I'm twelve doesn't mean that I can't make a studio! It's called Mushroom House Studios. and we ACTUALLY have flash! pretty cool huh?

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